Train Efficiently.

Train Specifically.

Are you a basketball player 6ft and under looking for a competitive edge? To not just compete, but dominate in the game? Small Ball is the training system you need! Small Ball is specifically designed for undersized basketball players to excel.

Your potential is huge. Be strong enough to maintain your position against the trees. Gain speed that makes you nearly unstoppable on the open court. Become a reactive, dynamic asset for your team.

Basketball is a different game for undersized ballers.

Basketball is a different game for undersized ballers. We must enhance other physical attributes to level the playing field. Instead of looking over the defense, you look through and around when scouting playmaking opportunities. On defense, your super strength allows you to maintain position and your reactivity will make you a threat on the individual or when reading the passing lanes. On the open court, your ballhandling speed will get you end-to-end quicker than the defense can set up. Your swiftness will be beyond what trapping defenses can handle.

This first of its kind app will take you through selected exercises to build strength, enhance speed, improve mobility, and boost your reaction time to make you a full-on threat. I, Sherwin Vasallo (AP Baller) will personally take you through the 5-day per week training program. You’ll learn how to execute each exercise designed to build your basketball specific power and energy system conditioning. At the end of the 12-week program, I guarantee you will feel stronger, more explosive, and have speed like you’ve never felt before – leaving you ready to take on the tallest hoopers.

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